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You can't pan electoral victory from the sands of the Merced River.
But you can hit political paydirt with Prospector -- the most innovative self-service election data analytics platform in California.
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Comprehensive Analytics

Prospector provides key precinct-level election results history and voter characteristics, including voter behavior and demographics.

"I Love You, California"

From the redwood forests to the old gray missions, we know California and the unique characteristics of its political systems.

Simple Pricing

Say goodbye to out-of-control voter data expenses. Pay once per election for unlimited access to Prospector and all its data.

Get to know your district, one precinct at a time.

Prospector provides key insights about each of your district's precincts, offering hundreds of variables that can be explored with Prospector's state-of-the-art interactive mapping engine.

Innovative spatial analysis tools will even identify geographic clusters of voter behavior and characteristics to help you decide where to concentrate your campaign's resources.

Then get to know the voters themselves.

Prospector includes up-to-date voter registration information for every voter and every electoral precinct in California. Explore voter registration data using interactive maps, visualizations of party preference, and an intuitive data management interface.

Export unlimited lists of all of the voters in a precinct, or select voters using a variety of intuitive selection and filtering tools, including geographic location.


Test drive Prospector for free!

Test-drive Prospector by selecting a geographic unit from the menu above. Just pick a county or district and press the button to instantly view key electoral history and demographic characteristics of the district and its voters.

Frequently Asked Questions

Need to know anything not covered here? Contact the Prospector team right away.

How much does a Prospector subscription cost?

Whether you are running for statewide office or a seat on the Desert Center USD Board of Education (California's least populous school district), our team will provide upfront, per-election pricing that fits within your campaign's budget. Contact us to receive a personalized quote.

Who can obtain a Prospector subscription?

Anyone can purchase a subscription to the Gold Mine package. But because Prospector's Mother Lode package provides direct access to records of individual registered voters in California, we are only able to offer the Mother Lode to candidates for public office and their authorized representatives, political organizations, and academic researchers. Commercial use of voter registration data contained within Prospector is prohibited by California law.

What data are included in Prospector?

In the Gold Mine package, Prospector provides subscribers with intuitive access to an extensive database of recent election results for state (statewide and legislative) and federal (legislative and executive) contests, as well as statewide ballot measures. Detailed demographic breakdowns of registered and active voters are also available for visualization and analysis. Subscribers to the Mother Lode package also have access to detailed voter registration records and associated demographic and voting history records through an intuitive Web interface.

How can Prospector help my campaign?

Not every campaign has the budget to hire an experienced data analyst. Prospector presents key election data and demographic indicators in a way that all candidates and campaign staff can easily understand. Experienced and new campaign strategists alike can use Prospector to quickly make data-driven decisions. Need expert advice or additional services? Our team of PhD-holding data analytics and political geography experts can help you to make strategic data-driven decisions.

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